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The St. Lucia Manufacturers Association adopts the following Code of Ethics to promote the highest ethical and moral standard of professional conduct in the Manufacturing Industry. Each member of the Association agrees to abide by this Code of Ethics. The Association intends that this Code of Ethics be interpreted and enforced reasonably, fairly, and objectively.


These Principles of Ethics are aspirational goals of professional conduct for all Association Members.All Members of the St. Lucia Manufacturers Association pledge to:

  a. Adhere to a standard of excellence in manufacturing, blending, producing, packaging,promoting and marketing;

  b. Maintain and service all accounts efficiently and professionally;

  c. Monitor technological developments to assure availability of the highest quality product and the imposition of the stringent standards within the sector;

  d. Provide opportunities for professional advancement of employees;

  e. Impose strict quality controls through the manufacturing and marketing process;

  f. Represent and market all products and services fairly and accurately;

  g. Protect and enhance the environment and the health and safety of their employees,customers and consumers through the safe and responsible use and disposal of potentially hazardous substances; and

  h. always be guided by spirit of justice, honor, and fairness within their communities and in all dealings with other members of the Association.





The following procedures will apply to all matters involving the Code of Ethics of the St. Lucia Manufacturers Association. These procedures will be applied reasonably, fairly, and objectively and are intended to encourage voluntary corrective action.

   A. Ethics Committee

   B Duties - The Ethics Committee shall:

   C. Meetings of the Committee  


Approved at General Membership meeting dated 24th October, 2013 as an Addendum to By Laws dated 14th June, 2014