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About Us


The SMA's Mission Statement

To develop the manufacturing sector,by working with manufacturers in areas of technology,productivity and competitiveness, to foster economic growth through exports.

Our Objectives as Specified in Our Constitution

i.  To promote and encourage the development of manufacturing operations in St.Lucia and to assist manufacturers in achieving their individual economic goals releated to manufacturing,including market development and penetration, raw material procurement, standards adherence,training and human resource development,profit optimization, and such other areas of economic activity to ensure economic success.

ii.  To promote the overall economic improvement of the manufacturing sector.

iii. To promote manufacturing sector's pivotal role in the overall development of the economy.

iv.   To foster good and cooperative relationships between sub-sectors

v.    To foster good and cooperative relationships between individual members of the association.

vi.   To work with government and regulatory authorities in guiding the direction and development of the sector generally, and on such matters,which might impact on any group of members of the association specifically.

vii.  To work with members and other members of the society to enable an environment conductive to the on going sustainability of members.

viii. To advise members of any matters which came to the attention of the association on any developments which might impact on members generally

ix.   To To represent the cause of members as a whole in meetings locally,regionally and internationally where the common position is required to be expressed as and when necessary

x.    To work with such other bodies,groups and associations which participate in private sector.


Benefits Of SMA

Please, See the Code Of Ethics